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Where AI Gets its Heart

The University of Maryland is developing the next generation of artificial intelligence education, technology and leaders through interdisciplinary research that focuses on the responsible and ethical use of AI.

Logo - Artificial Intelligence Interdisciplinary Institute at Maryland (AIM)

UMD is Shaping the Future of Artificial Intelligence

UMD launched the Artificial Intelligence Interdisciplinary Institute at Maryland (AIM), bringing together AI experts across campus to focus on responsible, ethical development and use of the technology to advance public good in industry, government and society. Students across all majors will learn the principles of AI and how they apply to their field of study, preparing them for an AI-infused workforce.

AI-infused systems have the potential to enhance human capacity and creativity, mitigate complex societal challenges, and foster innovation. Achieving this requires a joint effort between those pushing the boundaries of new AI technologies, those who innovate AI applications, and those who study human values and how people and society interact with AI.

Hal Daumé III, AIM Director Volpi-Cupal Family Endowed Professor in the Department of Computer Science
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Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security

As a trusted partner of the Department of Defense and the intelligence community, ARLIS applies a human-centered approach to incorporate AI, autonomy and augmentation research and development into operational workflows that are trusted, reliable and safe

Students inside Data Center

Research Center

Center for Machine Learning

This multidisciplinary center uses powerful computing tools to address challenges in big data, computer vision, health care, financial transactions and fairness in AI

Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building

Research Center

Center for Industrial Artificial Intelligence (IAI)

The IAI Center works to bring the potential of AI to a wide range of industries, including aerospace, energy, health care, manufacturing and others with a focus on AI-enabled predictive process monitoring.

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Research Center

Center for AI in Business

This center conducts research and outreach to realize AI's potential through intentional design and governance frameworks centering on human judgment and creativity.

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